Instruments for making smart cities

Concept map of city with Gear
Before developing smart cities, few instruments are needed to make the project possible, viable and feasible. Information and communication technology (ICT) is the must instrument for making a smart city. The extensive use of ICT is a must and only this can ensure information exchange and quick communication. Most services will need to be ICT enabled, and this often helps reduce the need for travel. The ability to shop on-line or book tickets on-line or converse online is very powerful ways of reducing the need for travel, thereby reducing congestion, pollutants and energy use.  An extensive use of ICT enabled services will need a sound communications backbone. In this context, it is important to note that ICT is not the “end” but only the “means” to an “end” – the end being improved service quality and information availability. For citizen friendly smart city and IT based platform will be created and involvement of social media will be maximum. A 24×7 call centre will be established at each ULB/Parastatal. A Smart city also communicates well with its people and enlists their support in everything it is doing. The culture of working in a closed environment needs to end as people are often the biggest support base for any initiative a city takes up, if they have been informed of the efforts and the reasons for the same. Social pressure on other citizens can often remove resistance and facilitate a greater degree of civic discipline.